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SSS3 Angel of Hope, Inc is a international non profit servicing the needs of families, and individuals assisting them to live a healthy independent life. SSS3 was initially founded in 2008 as an Academic Support Company providing specialized tutoring, and ESL classes. Since then, SSS3 has evolved to a international organization by expanding its scope in servicing the needs of all social economic classes within communities.



SSS3 will foster a new generation of purposed driven trailblazers by empowering our participants through education, and family assistance. We’re confident by creating a strong adaptive partnership with our participants they will meet SSS3’s benchmark.  Our benchmark is based on our core principles representing “3” key life elements that will equip our future trailblazers.


SSS3 Core Values & Benchmarks:



  • To serve with a compassionate understanding that will embrace cultural differences from all walks of life.

  • Criteria- Development of Social Behavior



  • Setting a foundation for efficiency with ability to sustain within our surroundings.

  • Criteria- Self- efficiency



  • To achieve success we must hold ourselves accountable towards our actions and responsibilities.

Criteria- Accountability




As we service our participants, we conduct assessments to evaluate the needs to help them attain their goals, creating an individualized performance plan to track our participants’ development.  What sets SSS3 apart is how we cater to what works best for them, being flexible to one’s need while fostering open lines of communication engaging parents, linkage partners, schools, and including the participants’ themselves.  


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