More than an idea, Restoration of Hope is a movement for our children in Haiti. Our goal is to establish a presence that will empower, educate, and most importantly nurture young minds to their fullest potential. This delicate process is what we hold most dear, that’s why we commit ourselves to our restoration of hope project. It’s also why we are continuously looking to partner with schools that need assistance with developing their presence to a healthier level.

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Children in Haiti


SSS3 Angel of Hope Sponsorship Program offers educational resources and financial assistance to the most remarkable individuals in helping them achieve their academic goals. We recommend students with promising talents and attributes to our sponsors, giving you a reason to sponsor them and support their academic journey. If you would like to sponsor a child or submit a student to be nominated, please email us at

Additional Ways We Support Our Community

We also provide extensive support for our community. We do this through our Food Kitchen that covers our food distribution services throughout the central part of Haiti serving 5 schools in Petionville, Haiti, and throughout the southern part of Haiti and Aux Cayes.

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Whether you’d like to be a sponsor or are simply interested in joining our community at large, we would love to have your support. Please contact us to learn more about how you can support our cause.