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Current Job Postings

If you're interested in becoming a part our team , please download for an application, and send completed application with a copy of your resume, within email subject line list the name of the position of interest)



 Program Cooridnator


Position Summary

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for providing administrative assistance with the development and implementation of an Afterschool and Preschool program,

Position reports directly to Executive Director


Primary responsibilities:

  • Assist in the development of short and long term plans for programs, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance

  • Assist in design of performance objectives and implement and monitor programming to meet desired outcomes

  • Assist with the development of  monthly outreach plan according to program needs and capacity

  • Ensure database(s) maintenance which include(s) participant and prospect information and mailing list

  • Organize and establish meetings on regular basis with designated individuals to foster positive relationships

  • Assist with Supervision of  staff by articulating expectations, displaying model behavior, maintaining open lines of communication and being clear about roles and relationships

  • Identify open positions and follow hiring and training procedures in a timely manner

  • Organize training seminars to address staff needs and identify relevant external training opportunities

  • Assist in the management of fiscal operations including budget development, modifications.  Track expenditures. Continually monitor the program’s financial health and make recommendations to the ED.

  • Assist with the development of public relations and communications strategies to support program goals and increase community awareness




Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

Volunteer Position (2 Positions): After School Tutor/Mentor


Position Summary: Provide general support for After School Programs and community school initiatives throughout Baltimore and Prince George County. Assist elementary and/or high school students with homework and other academic needs; Assist with or lead enrichment activities; serve as an adult role-model for students in an ongoing one-on-one capacity. This position is expected to support the creation of “community” through development of positive, cooperative relationships with students, school staff and other volunteers.


Primary Roles & Responsibilities:

  •   Assist students during “Homework Help” or any other academic support/enrichment from approximately 2:00 pm to approximately 5:00 pm—in approximately one hour shifts per volunteer session

  •   Lead a project-based cooperative learning group during the school day or after school hours

  •   Help answer students’ questions as they are working through the class material and projects · Support individual student academic needs as assigned

  •  Lead literacy circles as assigned

  •  Serve as a consistent mentor for an assigned student throughout the course of one school year in group mentoring or one-to-one planned activities.

  • Paid Saturdays Tutoring Session

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Enjoy working with children.

  •  Must be over age 18.

  •  Must pass a background check. · Must be a have a regents high school diploma, with an   overall GPA of 85,   College students with at least 3.0 GPA

  •  Time Commitment:

  •  Commit to a regular shift (minimum 2 hours per week).

  •  After School programs are implemented Monday-Friday from 2:30pm to 6:30pm.

  • · Volunteers needed over a school semester/three month period:

  • Fall semester volunteer needs: early October – mid December.

  • Spring semester volunteer needs: early February – May



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