School Age Programs


SSS3 Academic Support Enrichment Program (SSS3 ASEP) will become a home away from home to its students. We Service the needs of students from 3-12 years of age.

Students will build their self-image as they enjoy our thematic programming, tutoring, enrichment activities, fitness classes and arts/crafts. We will provide nutritious meals and snacks as well as develop healthy study habits, learn proper etiquette, and homework assistance until it’s completed.

SSS3 ASEP encompasses a variety of services such as:​

  • Afterschool Program

  • Offline School Session

  • Summer Enrichment Program

  • Tutoring Service

  • For more info on SSS3 ASEP policy & fee schedule please contact our office

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Our Core Prinicples:


Serving with a compassion while understanding the needs of our children.


Setting a foundation for self-sufficiency, with the ability to sustain within their environment.


Holding one another accountable with a consistency towards improvement.

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SSS3 Specialized Tutoring

Tutoring Services: We offer private tutoring sessions to strengthen a student’s academic development towards their area of opportunities, exam preparation, and ESL lessons. Based on a family’s preference our tutoring services can be render on or offsite with a flex fee schedule based on their income.

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SSS3 Afterschool Program

Afterschool Program: Our Afterschool services offer level of services

Afterschool (A)

Schedule hours are M-F 2:15pm-7:00pm

  • Homework Assistance w/ completion

  • 30 mins of Tutoring

  • (1) Snack

  • Recreational activity

  • Student Workshop

Afterschool (B)

Schedule hours: M-F 2:15pm-7:00pm

  • Homework Assistance/ completion

  • 30 mins of Tutoring

  • (2) Snacks

  • (2) Dance/or Karate Classes per week

  • Student Workshop

Offline School Session

  • Schedule hours during school Holidays: M-F 6:30am-7:00pm

  • Homework Assistance w/completion
  • (2-3) Meals
  • (2)Snacks
  • Student Workshop
  • Recreational activity
  • (2) Dance/Karate Classes per week
  • 45mins of Tutoring
  • Scheduled Trip
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SSS3 SEP Summer Enrichment Program

After a long stressful school year all children need a place to relax, as they grow to prepare for the next school yet but in need of fun while doing so. Our program covers all the needs of both parents and children which includes:

  • A.M. Academic Support Session

  • P.M Enrichment/ Recreation Session

  • Extended Childcare

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Social Butterfly Platform

SSS3 Social Butterfly Platform provides additional resources to our families, and local community members such as

  • Resource Fair Event

  • Toy Drive

  • Back to School Supplies

  • Adult ESL Classes

If you like recieve more info on how to take advantage of any of resource you can either call our office @240.582.6464, or send an email to: