Helping Children & Families in the US and Internationally

SSS3 Angel of Hope, Inc, is an international non-profit that provides services for families and children both in the US and Internationally. Our children’s organization provides early childhood education, school-age programs, and childcare needs for children both domestically and abroad. Originally founded in 2008 as an Academic Support Company offering specialized tutoring, SSS3 Angel of Hope has evolved into an international organization supporting families of all socioeconomic classes.

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We firmly believe that education is the most powerful vehicle for moving a child towards personal, social, and economic improvement in the future. It’s our mission to provide students with the tools, resources, and support they need to reach their highest potential both inside and outside of the classroom. Our services focus on creating a sturdy foundation upon which students can build to become future trailblazers in whatever area they venture.

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SSS3 Core Values & Benchmarks:


  • We take the time to understand the needs of each child we interact with to better personalize our services. Our team approaches this work with a deep sense of compassion, empathy, and understanding.


  • We’re committed to providing a strong foundation of support to empower students to reach their future goals. SSS3’s academic services are designed to help children develop independence, self-confidence, and autonomy.


  • Our children aren’t the only ones seeing development and growth. At SSS3, we’re always holding each other accountable and looking for ways to improve our services. We’re never done getting better.

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OUR vision

We envision a future where every child is provided with the support they need to reach their academic, personal, and professional goals. At SSS3, we’ve committed ourselves to this vision. All of our services are specifically designed to help bring this into reality in the future. We excel at providing future trailblazers with excellent opportunities to improve their trajectory. We’re a welcoming, committed, and supportive resource families can use to set their children up for success.

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