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Holistic Early Childhood Education Services

SSS3 offers comprehensive educational and social services for children ages 6weeks -12years. We’re committed to helping students access the resources they need for a successful, fulfilling, and healthy future.

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The SSS3 Difference

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Data-Driven Decisions

What works for one student might not necessarily work for another. And what proves effective today might not remain impactful tomorrow. That’s why we’re constantly monitoring the progress of our students. Our decisions are driven by hard data and trends to keep our academic services as effective as possible.

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School Program

Holistic Approach

Too many child learning centers focus solely on education without paying attention to other crucial areas in a student's life. At SSS3, we take a holistic approach to our services by helping children improve academically, socially, and even personally. This comprehensive focus ensures children have a solid foundation to build upon.


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Personalized Style

We treat all students as unique individuals. Instead of relying on outdated, ineffective, or cookie-cutter solutions, we custom-tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each child. This increases the impact of our services and provides your child with the personalized support he or she needs to succeed.


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How Students Benefit from SSS3

SSS3 is a holistic children’s learning center uniquely designed to provide students with a strong foundation upon which they can build for years to come. We focus on academic, social, and health-related factors to ensure there’s a balance in each child’s life. Here are some ways students benefit from our children educational services:

  • Students will develop effective study habits.

  • Children will increase their physical activity through regular fitness classes.

  • Participants will receive one-on-one tutoring to improve their academics.

  • Students will learn proper etiquette to better interact with others.

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What We Offer

Our holistic approach to childhood education is evident in the number of services we offer.

Afterschool Program

Offline School Session

Summer Enrichment Program

Tutoring Service

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